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Welcome to EASTABLE

Located in Taichung, EASTABLE Food is a factory specializing in the production of Chinese sauces, frozen foods, and household flours. Our company is committed to introducing traditional master techniques, using the latest technology and innovative methods, to provide high-quality food sauce products to modern families, restaurants, or public institutions. In view of food safety requirements, all our products have passed the third-party laboratory test report, and relevant products will be randomly checked to ensure that we can provide our customers with the most comfortable products.

EASTABLE Food is a food brand under the AJ INTERS Ltd. Group. AJ INTERS Ltd. has passed the international certification of ISO 22000/HACCP.Through a rigorous production process, we hope to bring customers the highest quality products.

We value our customers and provide a variety of customer service channels to listen to their voices at any time. If you have any comments, please feel free to contact us and provide us with the most important
news so that we can serve you in the first time.

We hope our products can enrich your life and bring you and your family happiness and satisfaction.

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At the same time, there are frameless paintings \ real wood hanging strips \ picture frames and other presentation methods, free to choose the most suitable space for you

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Compared with traditional 4-color printing, ASTON COMMERCIAL SPACE graphics products fully use 12-color art micro-jet color printing, with saturated and bright colors

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Art grade oil on canvas, texture upgrade. Fully use Japan’s Mitsubishi-made PREMIUM SEMI-GLOSSY PHOTO PAPER, the subtle texture is perfectly presented

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Beautifully packaged, no damage to the product. Raw stone material slate, creating super texture goods. A variety of sizes, suitable for large and small spaces