Sweet Donut-DIY SET

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Holiday handmade series: Chef's snacks that can be easily made at home】😍

👉I want to be at home during the holidays, but I don't want my children to stare at the tablet! 😢 
👉Sometimes it's itchy hands and I want to make something delicious~~ 
👉I really don’t worry about eating out, but it’s still safe to do it at home! ! ! 

Zhongfu Food Holiday Handmade Series is your solution! ! ! ❤️❤️❤️ 

Supervised by the chef of Zhongfu, the production steps are simplified, so that everyone can make meals that are not inferior to the chef in a relaxed environment! ! ! 😍 

The Holiday Craft Collection includes: 
1️⃣ No preservatives 
2️⃣ Ready to use, easy to make 
3️⃣Supervised by the chef, various flavors 
4️⃣All foods are regularly tested by SGS 
5️⃣Suitable for 2-4 people