Taiwanese braised dish

【Zhongfu Food Braised Dish】
Zhongfu Foods braised dish follows the practice of traditional famous shops and uses modern conditioning methods to reproduce the best bowl of braised pork rice in memory.

👉Supervised by the chief chef, the deliciousness is completely reproduced! ! !

👉Real materials, local ingredients, nostalgic good taste is like this! ! !

👉Rice, noodles, and vegetables are all suitable!

👉Convenient and fast, it is the best companion for late night or when children want to eat temporarily! ! ! 👍👍👍

Zhongfu Foods Braised dish uses:

🔸 Taiwanese local material

🔸 No preservatives, artificial flavors

🔸 Traditional famous shop recipe + new technique for frying

🔸 Convenient, fast and delicious

🔸 The taste of the alley in memory

🔸 SGS inspection qualified, food safety guarantee


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