Zhongfu Food Stir fried pork with basil

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【Zhongfu Food Stir fried pork with basil】🌶
Zhongfu Food The chef's recipe of Thai-style Pork Pork Heritage Hotel presents the most perfect classic dishes to you with modern cooking methods.

👉Supervised by the chief chef, the deliciousness is completely reproduced! ! !

👉Real ingredients + local ingredients = delicious meal! ! !

👉Convenient and fast, suitable for bibimbap, noodles, or with steamed bread and other pastries! ! ! 👍👍👍

Zhongfu Foods Thai Pork Throwing uses:

🔸 Taiwanese local pork

🔸 No preservatives, artificial flavors

🔸 Chef's recipe + new frying technique

🔸 Convenient, fast and delicious

🔸 Suitable for both rice and noodles

🔸 SGS inspection qualified, food safety guarantee